Gratitude Handcrafted Gemstone Bracelet

Gratitude Handcrafted Gemstone Bracelet

Regular price$120.00


- AAA Grade Quality 

-Semi Precious Gemstone

-Stainless Steel Accent 

-Stretch bracelet fit

-Available in Small - 6.5 inches in diameter, Medium- 7.5 inches, Large size- 8.5 inches

Brandon Lake sees his songs in color. The song Gratitude for Brandon shows deep blue like the sky and a cascade of gold that shimmers through the cosmos. Opening the Word, we realized that God's throne is also this spectacular color combination. In Ezekiel, it says His throne is made of solid blue lapis lazuli. And, the very foundations of where He stands the same stone, even the law he forged as the first covenant.

This bracelet holds the lapis stones found in earth.

He has given us the earth to enjoy and find Him in!

We pray that as you wear this piece you are reminded of your foundation in worship and accessibility. We enter into His throne room with praise and GRATITUDE.

Ezekiel 10:1

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